List of 20 Polymaths

Name Born Nationality (and language)
Arts Fundamental Sciences Applied Sciences
Visual arts Literary arts Performing arts & Film Applied arts Formal science Natural science Social science Architecture Education Engineering Health Management Modern Age


7 (1 art+6 sciences)

-384 Macedonian Empire (Greek) Arts theory & criticism Logic Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Psychology Ethics, Philosophy, Economics, Politics Philosophy Teacher Classical mechanics, Optics Theory of government


6 (2+4)

100 Egypt, Roman Empire (Greek) Poetry Music theory Math Astronomy, Astrology, Geography Philosophy Optics


6 (1+5)

980 Samanid Empire

Ziyarid Tabaristan

Buyid Persia (Persian)

Poetry Logic Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrology Philosophy Teacher Medical encyclopedia
Filippo Brunelleschi
4 (1+3)
1377 Republic of Florence (Italian) Sculptor     Geometry     Architect   Mechanical Engineer, Construction supervisor, Ship design, hydraulic machinery  
Leon Battista Alberti
6 (2+4)



Artist Author, Poet   Cryptography, Math Optics Linguist, Philosopher Architect      
Leonardo da Vinci
10 (3+7)
1452 Republic of Florence (Italian) Paintings, Drawings, Murals, Sculpture Poetry Music (Lyre) Math Physics, Anatomy, Physiology Art theory Architecture, Urban planning, Bridges Painting Teacher Helicopter, Flying machine, Submarine, Optics, Hydrodynamics, Musical instruments, Mechanical knight, Hydraulic pumps, Reversible crank mechanisms, Finned mortar shells, Parachute, Steam cannon, Self propelled vehicle Culinary
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
9 (2+7)
1646 Electorate of Saxony, Holy Roman Empire


Poetry Games theory Math, Logic Physics, Cosmology, Embryology, Paleontology Philology, Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Sinophile, Economics, Psychology Medical training program Mechanics, Wind-driven propellers, Water pumps, Mining machines, Hydraulic presses, Lamps, Submarine, Clocks, Steam engine Medical Writing Diplomacy
Mikhail Lomonosov
6 (2+4)
1711 Russia (Russian) Mosaics Poetry Physics, Geography, Chemistry, Geology History, Philology Professor Reflecting telescope
Edward Heron-Allen
4 (2+2)
1861 UK   Writer, Novelist Music   Biology Philosophy, Persian history, Law      

Bertrand Russell
4 (1+3)

1872 UK   Writer, Nobel Prize in Literature (1950)   Math, Logic   Philosophy, History, Social Critics, Epistemology, Atheism   Professor  

Albert Schweitzer
5 (2+3)

1875 French-German   Writer Organist     Philosophy, Theology      


Nobel Piece Price, Philantropy
Buckminster Fuller
6 (2+4)
1895 American   Author Design   Philosophy, Futurism Architect Professor Inventor (28 patents)

John von Neumann
6 (0+6)

1903 Hungarian-American       Math Physics, Quantum mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Chemistry Economics, Statistics Professor Engineer Computer Science, Linear programming, Self-replicating machines, Stochastic computing

Howard Hughes
5 (1+4)

1905 American     Film Directing       Aerospace engineer, Inventor Medicine Business, Investing, Philantropy Record setting aviator
Anthony Burgess
4 (2+2)
1917 UK   Novelist, Critic, Llibrettist, Playwright, Screenwriter Composer, Broadcaster   Linguist Professor  

Isaac Asimov
4 (1+3)

1920 UK   Writer, Screenwriter     Biochemistry History, Theology, Psychology Professor      

Jonathan Miller
6 (3+3)

1934 UK Artist Writer Film Directing, Acting, Presenting     Art History, Atheism     Doctor Opera DIrector  

Douglas Hofstadter
6 (2+4)

1945 American Artist Writer (Pulitzer Prize), Literary translation     Math Physics Cognitive science, Art History, Phylosophy Professor      

Elon Musk
8 (1+7)

1971 South African- American       Industrial Design

Physics, Chemistry

Sociology, Economics Architecture, Urban planning, Transportation   Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, Automotive Neuroscience

Management, Finances, Entrepreneur

Computer Science

Sergey Mavrody
9 (4+5)

1967 Russian- American Paintings, Drawings, Infographics Screenwriting, Poetry translation Film Director, Producer, Animator Graphic Design   Visual History, Cognitive Psychology Professor UX Designer, Inventor Engineer
(2 patents)
Investments, Film Festival Founder Computer Science
  Born Nationality (and language) Visual arts Literary arts Performing arts & Film Applied arts Formal science Natural science Social science Architecture Education Engineering Health Management Modern Age

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