Who Could be Called Polymath

This criteria of who can be considered a world-class polymath would always be arbitrary but it needs to be defined and it should be based on high standards.

Generaly polymath must have notable achievements within several DIFFERENT and NON-RELATED subject areas, typically in both arts and sciences. For instance, achievements in biology, chemistry and physics are considered to be related, since all three belong to Natural Sciences.

Non-related subject areas in this list identified by 13 subcategories, such as Visual Arts, Natural Sciences, Engineering. "Other" subcategory may include additional activities, such as Computing, Agriculture or Sports.

  1. With respect to this list a polymath listed here must have notable achievements within at least five out of thirteen subcategories, including at least one arts subcategory.
  2. The notability of an achievement is determined by the fact of its presence in the respective Wikipedia article. Examples of an achievement: manuscript, art show, music record, printed publication, film, invention, scientific discovery, major award, teaching contribution, business/military/state leadership.

Vincent Brown, PhD